What's up, people!

I'm Kok-Leong Seow, but you can just call me Andy if that's too difficult 😂

My formal training is in computer science and statistics, but I'm a product person at heart.

A brief bio: Did undergrad in computer engineering at WSU in Kansas (yes, I know I'm "not in Kansas anymore"). While I was there I worked on quantum neural networks and brain-computer interfaces -- which got me invited to the Thiel Foundation Under 20 Summit.

I then went to Columbia University before leaving and moving to Silicon Valley to join Insight (YC W11) where I consulted for a biotech startup out of SkyDeck. I then had a brief stint doing research in the genetics department at Stanford Univeristy.

Shortly after, I went to the greatest city in the world and joined American Express as a senior machine learning engineer. Lately I've been exploring a variety of different industries as an On Deck Fellow and EIR @ Antler VC.

I'm also a mentor for SharpestMinds (YC W18) -- if you're an aspring data/ML scientist/engineer looking to break into the industry, please apply here and we can set up a call :).